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Requirements of SSN

As pilot in command you are responsible for both, yourself and the chartered aircraft.

This is what SSN (Soaring Society Namibia) expects from you

General requirements

  • Valid glider license according to ICAO standards
  • Medical class 2 (European LAPL is not accepted)
  • Aeronautical radio certificate
  • A minimum of 500 hours logged total flight time as pilot in command in gliders
  • Verified and relevant cross-country flight experience
  • 30 launches in the last 12 months, including 5 self-launches
  • 50 hours of flight time in gliders during the last 12 months
  • Rest period before first flight of not less than 24 hours, if time difference to Namibia is up to 4 hours, or 48 hours, if time difference to Namibia is 5 hours or more

Theoretical introduction to special challenges of gliding in Namibia:

  • Conduct in the traffic pattern
  • Structure of the airspace, radio frequencies, orientation in Namibia
  • Climatological and weather challenges (thermals, thunderstorms, dust devils, downbursts, density altitude, TAS at altitude).
  • Outlandings (alternative landing possibilities and behavior after an outlanding)
  • Medical factors (such as dehydration and hypoxia), fatigue management
  • Introduction to the glider to be flown and handling/operation of all equipment

Mandatory safety equipment:

  • SPOT with tracking activated before flight
  • Working cell phone or satellite phone (additional powerbank recommended)
  • Survival kit (additional water, food, bandages, flashlight, knife, matches, foil blanket, stationery)
  • Flight map
  • Parachute

How to charter a plane ...

Requirements of Kiripotib Soaring

It is important to us that you, as a pilot in command, come back safely again.

This is what we expect from you

  • You meet all requirements of SSN and have at least 25 self-launches in your logbook.
  • All necessary documents must be uploaded before your first flight on our Onlineplattform Pumbaa .
  • The theoretical briefing takes place as a comprehensive initial briefing on site, which you are obliged to attend.
  • You read the flight manual of the glider you chartered prior to your first flight.
  • Have fun and enjoy