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Gliding Team

Kiripotib Soaring is the gliding team at Kiripotib. We are passionate glider pilots, co-pilots and travel experts who, together with Kiripotib Guest Farm, provide our guests with an unforgettable gliding holiday. We also have a range of professional business experience to ensure the non-flying aspects of your stay are as enjoyable and well organised as possible.

The Namibia gliding season activity (November to January) is prepared well in advance: Reservations of aircraft and accommodation, organising container transport, permissions and regulatory compliance, plus much more. During the season, we manage the flight operations on site, conduct the daily briefings, check flights and help with all technical matters. In short, we are at your disposal with advice and assistance before and during your holiday.

You can reach us via Contact page or via email info@kiripotib-soaring.com

A pleasant stay ...

Kiripotib guest farm

Claudia and Hans von Hase with their team ensure a pleasant stay for all guests at the Kiripotib farm. Furthermore they help represent the sport of gliding in Namibia and they offer local hospitality and adventure away from flying.

Wolfgang Zimmermann | Organiser Kiripotib Soaring

Wolfgang Zimmermann

Head Kiripotib Soaring
Aircraft Charter & Room Booking
Organiser Flying with the Champions

Sabine Ostermann – Organisationsteam Kiripotib

Sabine Ostermann

Marketing & Public Relations
The real Boss

Dominik Maurer – Organisationsteam Kiripotib

Dominik Maurer

Head of Office
Mission Control

Peter Harvey | Champion Kiripotib Soaring

Pete Harvey

Deputy Head Kiripotib Soaring
Head Coach Flying with the Champions
Airfield operations

  • 6,500 gliding hours
  • Multiple European Champion, 10 times British Champion, 5 FAI Gold Medals
Wolfgang Janowitsch | Champion Kiripotib Soaring

Wolfgang Janowitsch

Founder & Trainer Flying with the Champions
Airfield operations
Flight instructor

Andreas Lutz - Kiripotib organising team

Andreas Lutz

Airfield operations
Trainer Flying with the Champions
Technical support

Peter Hartmann | Champion Kiripotib Soaring

Peter Hartmann

Trainer Flying with the Champions
Airfield operations
Check flights & briefings

  • 5,800 gliding hours
  • Multiple medallist at European and World Championships
  • Flight instructor and former professional pilot
Stefan Krummholz - Kiripotib organising team

Stefan Krummholz

Airfield operations
Flight Instructor & Examiner
Aircraft maintainer

  • 1,000 gliding hours
  • Vice State Champion in Doubles 2021
  • Part66 Aircraft mainenance licence
  • Flight instructor
Max Kollmar – Organisationsteam Kiripotib

Max Kollmar

Technical support
Airfield Operations

Hanneke Dempsey - accommodation manager & travel expert

Henneke Dempsey

Accommodation manager
Travel expert
Making (travel) dreams come true

  • 3.200 hours fulfilling customer wishes
  • Africa travel specialist
  • www.africanwanderer.com