You can expect a ...

Unique flying experience

A unique flying experience awaits you at Kiripotib. You take off at 1,368 m MSL, south-east of Windhoek and fly over the breathtaking Kalahari. Heading east to Botswana and west to the Namib Desert.

Two long runways ensure safe take-off and landing: 08/26 with 1,410m x 80m and 18/36 with 1,500m x 50m. Additionally, the 60m wide roads adjacent to the runways are available in case of engine problem.

Location: S 23° 19′ 40", E 17° 56′ 50"

Airfield frequency: 120.25 MHz

Everything at a glance ...

The infrastructure

Quickly from A to B

Airfield, parking areas, bungalows and catering all in one place.
Everything is just a few steps away.
In a private and relaxed atmosphere you will immediately feel at ease.
Good WiFi connects you to your beloved ones at home and allows you to access weather services and other relevant websites.

Glider parking spaces

Each pitch offers comfort:
- Water tap
- Power connection
- Large box for equipment and covers
- Glider is fixed to ropes in a storm-proof manner
- Lighting enables glider handling after late landings


We provide fuel, oil and oxygen.
We will take care of minor repairs and maintenance.
The most important spare parts are in stock.

A roofed area protects from the Namibian sun during work.


Safety topics and debriefing are the first bullet points at the daily briefing in the morning.
Our CFO also presents all relevant information for your flight as well as a detailed weather forecast.

We will be happy to support you with your flight planning to get the most out of your flying adventure.

Flight Office

A modern flight office awaits you. Use our PC for flight planning or OLC upload.

Thanks to the OGN receiver the positions of all gliders can be followed live on a large monitor.

Our weather station provides you with the current weather data (wind and temperature) via app on your smartphone.