Prices for gliding

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Prices for gliding 2023/24

You are welcome to charter a Ventus3M or ArcusM at Kiripotib. Send us a request for your personal offer.

Mandatory club fee per season
(WGC - Windhoek Gliding Club,)
N$ 1,200.00
Check flight
(aerodrome circuit excl. double seater)
N$ 1,100.00
Introduction flight
(excl. double seater, per day)
N$ 6,300.00
Introduction/guest flight
(incl. double seater, per day)
N$ 14,500.00
(per liter)
N$ 1.80
Avgas with oil 1:50
(per liter)
N$ 75.00

We do NOT charge landing fees or daily fees for aircraft or airfield.

All prices in Namibian dollar. Prices are subject to change without notice.